Peak Airsports Elementary Pilot Course (EPC) – Now Ended


Peak Airsports – Please note:

Enrolment for new students has now ended (indefinitely). 

We are now FULLY BOOKED for new Paraglider students (Day taster / Elementary and Club Pilot courses) and not taking any new students or Tandems bookings.

If you wish to learn to paraglide, we suggest you have a look at the BHPA – web site for your nearest school.

Thank you. 
Taster day Gift vouchers can still book in, if the voucher is still valid (within the 12 months of date of purchase).  The Day Taster is intended are for those people who may wish to go on to start on a course with us.
If you think you only want to do a single day in Paragliding and do not intend to go on to a course with respect, may we suggest you look elsewhere.
  The start of something truly Amazing with Peak Airsports!

Soaring like a bird, a dream come true!

The Elementary Pilots Certificate is the first level of BHPA proficiency in paragliding tuition, which you must complete before progressing on to the Club Pilot (Novice) Certificate and takes on average three to four days (subject to the student and weather) and is great fun!

You will progressively work through our personal BHPA ‘Student Training Log Book’ covering all the necessary stages of the BHPA Elementary Pilots Certificate Syllabus and includes theory, emergency landings, equipment inspection, ground handling, take off and good inflight control and ‘gentle’ stand - up (on your feet) landings.

Then the fun really starts, with low flights and progressively and safely working our way  up the slope, before being introduced to turns and high flights with normal ‘stand-up’ landing techniques. At some point on the course a mutable choice theory exam (with lectures) needs to be completed and passed (not hard to do) and ultimately an assessment of the student pilots ‘attitude’ by the Senior Instructor. Once this is completed, you can then go on to start your ‘Club Pilots Certificate‘ with us.

After a jam packed day of fun and learning, we pack away the wings, have a thorough de-brief and you then go home with a big smile on your face, keen to start your next day’s training, game on!

Elementary Pilots Learning Material & Assessment

We also use digital video and photo analysis of your  paragliding tuition / flying and record elements to look at later to help improve your technique and understanding.  We also create a ’video file’ for you to take away as a memento of your (EPC) training and place video / photo’s on our Facebook page (see below this page for flying over the last few days). Again, as far as we know Peak Airsports is the only school who does this in the area? You will train in ‘a small class size’ for optimum instructor input and could be given one to one support. You will receive our ‘Peak Airsports Training Pack’ and take part in lectures to help you complete your training and pass your final (CPC) BHPA exam.

Elementary Pilot Course Fees

  • Paragliding Elementary Certificate = £500 + BHPA Membership

BHPA options on membership:

3 Months (introductory membership) = £78

Annul (Full) = £121

paragliding tuition + hang gliding lessons course enrolment
Note – You will also need to add the cost of your mandatory BHPA Membership to the above course fees. BHPA fees are £121 (£99 annual fee and an initial one of joining fee of £22). Your BHPA Annual Membership may also cover the Club Pilots Certificate training, if you go on to complete this before your 12 month BHPA membership expires.

 Please note: From 20.10.15 the minimum age anyone can train with us to fly (solo) is 18 years of age and the maximum age for ‘Solo’ Paragliding tuition (for day tasters or EPC / CPC Paragliding)  courses with us is 65 years, thank you.

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