Paragliding Tuition with Peak Airsports


Peak Airsports – Please note:

Enrolment for new students has now ended (indefinitely). 

We are now FULLY BOOKED for new Paraglider students (Day taster / Elementary and Club Pilot courses) and not taking any new students or Tandems bookings.

If you wish to learn to paraglide, we suggest you have a look at the BHPA – web site for your nearest school.

Thank you. 
Taster day Gift vouchers can book in, if the voucher is still valid (within the 12 months of date of purchase).  The Day Taster is intended are for those people who may wish to go on to start on a course with us.
If you think you only want to do a single day in Paragliding and do not intend to go on to a course with respect, may we suggest you look elsewhere.

  The start of something truly Amazing with Peak Airsports!

We offer expert Paragliding tuition that will allow you to train / fly as safely as possible and up to (and sometimes) beyond the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) Club Pilot (CPC) novice level.
To fly by yourself without the supervision of a school and instructor, you need to complete the Elementary Pilot Certificate (EPC) and the Club Pilot (Novice) Certificate (CPC) on a Paraglider. This usually takes around 10 days total to complete both the EPC and CPC certificates with us.

Once you have achieved the Paragliding Club Pilots Certificate (CPC) you are free to join your local club and fly ‘unsupervised’ while your a member of the BHPA and your local club.

Taster Day:

Peak Airsports recognises that enjoying the sport does require an investment and has therefore developed paragliding taster days to allow you to experience the sport for yourself, before deciding if you want to take it further. However, the Day Taster is intended are for those people who may wish to go on to start on a course with us.

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NOTE - if you pay for any of our taster days and then decide to enrol on the respective Elementary Pilots Certificate (EPC) training, then the cost of the taster day is deducted from the cost of the EPC training.

Additionally, for third party insurance purposes there is a mandatory requirement to become a member of the BHPA before you can learn to fly. When you start a day taster, the BHPA daily membership fee is already included in the cost of your day.  On a full course, you have two options on the EPC or CPC courses; 3 months membership at £78 or an annual cost of £121 (this includes an initial joining fee of £22).  Membership is arranged on your first day of training (as part of the administration steps).

Please note:

Please make sure if you choose ‘a Paragliding flying school’, make sure it is BHPA registered school!   

Peak Airsports BHPA school registration number is 337

Also note;

Peak Airsports has no other business (or connection) with any other ‘similar named’ company or school!

The BHPA is the ‘only’ recognised body for free flying (paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor schools) in the UK and is the only governing body recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  Again The ‘BHPA’ does not share it’s title  / name with any other ‘similar named’ body!

Please do check, would you trust anyone who has no formal qualification to teach you to fly or fly tandem with you???

It’s like having someone service your gas boiler who is not ‘Corgi Registered’ or GAS safe, your life may depend on it, at some point?!!!

Checking this, could also save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run too?

Please note: From 20.10.15 the minimum age anyone can train with us to fly (solo) is 18 years of age and the maximum age for ‘Solo’ Paragliding tuition (for day tasters or EPC / CPC Paragliding)  courses with us is 65 years, thank you.

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