Peak Airsports – FAQ’s


 We have put some common questions together to help with enquires, but please fell free to call CFI Mark Bosher or email any other questions you may have and we’ll be happy to help.    

Q. How do I book for a gift voucher for a tandem flight or a taster day / course?

A. Please call Mark – office: 01246 768193 or Mob: 07703062721 (between 7 – 9pm is best if the weather is good).

 If it is windy and / or wet, office hours is normally fine and we do have an answer machine in the office (please leave your name and phone number) and we will call you back ASAP, if needed.

Q. Can I book and pay for a gift voucher or course ‘on – line’?

A. No, we do not have ‘on- line’ payment facilities for vouchers / courses. We do however have full card machine facilities in the office for any payments needed for Vouchers / Tandem flights.  We can then also discuss / arrange for the Voucher to be sent to you (or a friend). Also we can book in your possible dates then (or at a later date) no problem.  Most importantly, we do prefer to talk to our customers about their booking (and discuss / answer any question they may have also).

Q. Do I need a date as soon as the booking is made?

A. No, we understand you may need time to arrange a date or dates with others / family.

Q. How do I book a date or dates, once I have them?

A. Please feel free to email / text or phone us and we can book you in to the diary and confirm your dates are booked into the diary also.

Q. What if my date or dates are fully booked in the diary already?

A. We will make every effort to match your booking with the diary, but some times (school holidays / bank holidays) the diary fills up and we will not over book a day. Thankfully this is quite rare and you will be notified as soon as possible (if it happens) and you are very welcome to book another suitable date or dates, once you have them.   

Q. Once a date is booked, how do I know the flight will take place?

A. It all depends on suitable weather on the day of the flight.  Please call or text Mark (07703062721) to see if the weather is suitable (a day or two before the booked date). If it is ok, Mark will then give you a suitable meeting place and time for the next day’s flight /day taster.

Q. What if the next day’s weather changes (on the day) and it is not suitable / safe to fly?

A. Safety is the top priority. Mark has been flying for over 23 years and can read and understand professional weather forecasts.  However a forecast from the Met –office (or other sources) is produced by one of the biggest and most powerful computers in the world. But even it can get it wrong and put simply, if it is wrong so are we:-(. Luckily this rarely happens and the decision on a day is made and normally we are going ahead with it or not (if it is not safe).          

 Q. If I call and the weather is not suitable (winds too strong or prolonged rain or both) for the next day?

A. Your welcome to book a second date or it rolls on to your fall back dates, no problem.     

Q. How many times / dates can I book in a date or dates?

A. As many times as you like (within reason) until the flight gets done.

Q. How long does a voucher last (the expiry date)?

A. The voucher lasts for 12 months from the time of booking.

Q.  What if the flight /day still hasn’t been done by this time?

A. The voucher may be extended (a few months) by request, if needed.

Q. When we fly Tandem, how long does the flight last?

A. Between 15 – 30 minutes (sometimes longer).

Q. Can we take video / photos of the flight /day?

A. Yes, please do.

With Tandem flights (Paraglider or Hang glider) we have in-flight video equipment (HD) and a digital camera and use these to record the flight. This footage is given FREE OF CHARGE!!! Just bring a new 8 -16 gig mini SD or SD card with you on the day of the flight (Tesco sell these for less than £10). We will then (at a later date) send your card back to your address, with your down loaded flight footage and photo’s. If you forget to bring a SD memory card with you it’s not a problem as we can sell you one (just incase).  But we prefer you to have your own please, if you want the footage?    

Q. Any other Questions?

A. Call Mark on: 07703062721

Thank you for looking.         


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