Paragliding Taster Days Only £150!


We are now FULLY BOOKED for new Paraglider students (Day taster / Elementary and Club Pilot courses) and not taking any new students.

If you haven’t already contacted us, we suggest you make contact once we open the bookings again (up to 2 months) to book in on courses as places are taken up early and are limited (our age limits are 18 to 65 years and fit to fly) and a weight limit of 90kg or 15 stone, thank you. 

Taster day Gift vouchers can still book in, if the voucher is still valid (within the 12 months of date of purchase).

The Day Taster is intended are for those people who may wish to go on to start on a course with us.

If you think you only want to do a single day in Paragliding and do not intend to go on to a course with respect, may we suggest you look elsewhere.

Thank you. 

Paragliding – One Day Taster Only – Now ended!

Have you always wanted to learn to fly? Live your flying dreams and start something amazing with Peak Airsports helping you all the way and beyond.

Our one day taster course is an introduction to paragliding and the BHPA paragliding training syllabus. We have orientated this course so that it is specifically for people who may be seriously consider taking up paragliding as a sport and would be an ideal way to experience paragliding with one of the best schools in the UK.

The whole idea of this day is learning to fly!

First, you will learn the basic safety aspects and theory of flight, before spending the day making launches, practice landings and using the Paraglider controls, all under the expert eye of Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) Mark Bosher himself.

By the end of the day you will be tired but happy, having achieved a good degree of competency and confidence on the wing that you probably thought wasn’t possible at the beginning of your day. If the conditions allow, you will make some short flights or ‘crow-hops’ down the gentle training slope. Most people achieve 10 proper flights or more with us and often wish to go on to the Elementary Course asap.

We aim to complete the BHPA training syllabus phases 1 and 2 and possibly even finish phase 3 on this day. If you decide to continue towards the initial Elementary Pilots Certificate, the tasks achieved during this taster day will count towards your Elementary Pilots Certificate and the cost of the taster day is deducted from the cost of the Elementary Pilot training course.

E.g. – Elementary Pilot Training (£500) less the Taster Day (£150) means the outstanding balance to complete the Elementary Pilot Training = £350 + BHPA membership

Please note: From 20.10.15 the minimum age anyone can train with us to fly (solo) is 18 years of age and the maximum age for ‘Solo’ Paragliding tuition (for day tasters or EPC / CPC Paragliding)  courses with us is 65 years and being reasonably fit, thank you.

From 12.08.16 we no longer offer ‘gift vouchers’ for day taster Paragliding, however you are welcome to pay on the day (call Mark to arrange a date).

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