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Peak Airsports flying trip – Spain (Sierra Nevada)!


March 2nd – 9th March 2019 (1st week)

9th – 18th March 2019 (possible 2nd week)


Places are already been taken, so get in while you can!


An exotic and unspoilt flying area for pilots of all levels


Hi All,

 Hope you are well and the summer hasn’t been too bad for your flying?  

Peak Airsports is now taking bookings for our annual trip to Southern Spain in March 2019. I do expect a high demand of interest for this trip (due to the crap summer) and would suggest you book early to avoid disappointment (open only to Peak Airsports students or past students and pilots who have been on my trips in the past).

March has proved to be the most reliable time to fly Spain and I should know, with over 13 years of running trips in this area. If you’ve been before, then you know how I run my trips and my aim is to get the most out of the flying and your flying, while keeping it safe as possible and help to progress the learning of the pilots of all levels. If you haven’t been before you won’t be disappointed with the accommodation, the flying area or my professional guiding. It’s probably the best place to fly in Spain and I’m second to none in what I do;-)! 


The Location

The main flying area is the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the lower foot hills of the Mediterranean coast. The whole trip is about keeping safe, having fun, with progressively improving pilot skills. Good thermal technique with the intention of getting ‘the maximum amount of airtime’ and the most out of your flying holiday, is what this trip is about.

Spain is an area we understand and know well. It offers flying opportunities unsurpassed for this time of year. With fantastic accommodation, great local people / restaurants and night life that is chilled and relaxed (without breaking the bank)!

The area gets 320+ days sunshine a year and average day time temperatures around 20 to 25+ ºC in March with light winds and a deep blue sky, it is a great place to paraglide (when it’s grey, wet and windy in the UK).   


The sites range in heights from 200ft (beach soaring) to 4000ft top to bottoms. The area will fill the needs of any low air time pilot (or the most experienced). It can be thermic depending on the time of day you fly and cloud base can be very high (up to 8,000ft or more) with thermals that give you a chance to learn what’s going on ‘at your level’.

The trip includes all airport transfers from Malaga to the Villa and back. The Villa is an hour from the airport (so no long journeys to get to the accommodation). Transfers to take off and travelling as a group in the evenings is also covered. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views.


It will be a local Villa or local hotel and top notch.

The Sites:


Site name

Wind direction

Sea level height

Top to bottom

Gliding distance

Site type






Soaring / Thermic







Soaring/ Thermic

Alfamar (above the villa)





Soaring/ Thermic






Soaring / Thermic  

Sierra Lujar
(Beach landing)





Soaring /Thermic






Soaring /Thermic






Soaring /Thermic


W, E




Soaring /Thermic






Soaring /Thermic

Loma del Gato






La Herradura





Beach Soaring

The great Jubacon!

W, E, S




Soaring / Thermic


Most Pilots know me and what I believe to be a good flying location / holiday for my students / friends (past and present). If you’re a current student we can work on finishing off your remaining tasks. The week will include all aspects of Paragliding with the correct harness set up, good take-off and landing techniques and active flying. You can also practice big ears, speed bar and spiral dives (if you’re ready to spiral) and the right recovery action after a collapse, if needed / wanted. 

Planning for your first XC flights can be covered and discussed for those ready for the task. On past trips most pilots completed personal bests in one form or another. Some had the longest airtime (3 hours +) in one flight and some did the highest flights they had ever made (9000ft ASL).  And some of these pilots have been flying for years too!

The flying area is stunning and has great weather to match. Getting the most out of the sites, conditions and pilots is what it’s all about.  With my unmatched ability in finding the right site, on the right day and tailoring this to your individuals needs. If you like sun, sea and consistent flying conditions with lots of peace and quiet, this is one of the most chilled locations you will find anywhere in Europe.

A non-flying day

If the weather is not suitable for flying on any given day, we have a great choice of places to visit and things to do. The ski resort of the Sierra Nevada is just 50 minutes away. It is one of the largest outside the Alps and I can say from experience, I was impressed with the facilities and the fresh snow slopes.  We had a great time blasting down a clear ski run too! 


Skiing in the Sierra Nevada resort - March trips. 


 Visit the beautiful area of Alhambra and Granada:


 Visit Almunecar:



The Dates:

 2nd – 9th March 2019 (1st week)

9th – 16th March 2019 (Possible 2nd week option if numbers dictate).

Flight times are the same as 1st week.

The Cost

One week’s villa accommodation, with site guiding and advice / help and all airport transfers to / from the Villa, with retrieves is just £550!

 Your flights are not included and meals with wine / beer are extra cost, but expect normal ‘all in prices’ for food and wine beer at around 60 euro’s for the week while in the Villa. I expect we’ll eat out a ‘couple of times’ in the week.     


To Book

Please call Mark or email as full payment is needed to secure your place.

Payment details:

By bank transfer – please contact Mark for details. 


Ideally all flights will be from East Midlands Airport with Jet2. Please read the section below, before clicking the link.


I have looked at all the airlines (for many hours) and found Jet2 to offer the best location / price and baggage allowance for what we need, but please feel free to have a look yourself if you wish.

Please note:

 If you want to fly out from another airport, please make sure your flight times are similar to the times below (to save waiting for others to arrive at the airport). You are welcome to fly out from another airport and / or arrange car hire from Malaga, if you wish. Please contact Mark before you book your flights.

Airport parking is cheap and simple at East Midland Airport (if booked on line). Once bookings take place, I can arrange people together, to share costs to East Midlands and Parking.

 To book your flight

You can book your Paraglider on your flight as an extra bag (tie up all the straps).
All inclusive prices start from around £185 to £200 return. This includes your paraglider and taxes. Weight limits with Jet2 are: hold bag (22kg) and extra bag (22kg – paraglider / golf bag). Please check if you use another airline. You may also spread your clothes, boots etc. between the two bags if you wish, (but be aware) if any bag is over the limit you do pay for the extra weight and this can be costly!

Flight Times
Going Out

East Midlands to Malaga
Depart: Sat 2nd March 2019

Flight times: 7:00

Arrival: 11:00 (local time)

 Coming Back

Malaga to East Midlands
Arrive: Sat 9th March 2019

Flt time: 11:45

Arrival: 13:45 (local)

Bags Both Ways
Quantity of Bags 2  (1 x 22kg) + 1 x 22kg Sports equipment (golf bag is the only option so click that) at £40 return.

Total around £185 – £200 (this will go up near the dates, a lot)

Please do not book your flights until you have spoken to Mark first!

Airsports Insurance (a must have)

Please note: All Pilots will need mandatory ‘Airsports’ repatriation insurance for any trip (at extra cost).

Expect to pay around £44 for a single trip and please click on extra cover for ‘Paragliding’ before you buy the policy please.

1. (the one I use). Please make sure you have added (additional activity of paragliding).

Your guide (CFI) Mark Bosher

 Mark has been flying for over 28 years and has over 3000 hours flying time and completed thousands of miles XC (powered and unpowered). He is a BHPA Senior Instructor and is one of the most qualified and experienced Instructor / guide in the UK and the BHPA today. He is Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and sole owner of Peak Airsports based in the Peak District National Park. He is one of the most active pilots in the Derbyshire Soaring Club (DSC) and The Peak Soaring Association (PSA). He has flown light aircraft, Helicopters, Sailplanes, Hang gliders (solo / dual), Paragliders (solo / dual), Paramotors and powered Hang gliders. Mark is currently flying the fully aerobatic, high performance Willswing T2c (Hang glider) and has a collection of several varied types.

On Paragliders he is flying the high performance Niviuk Peak 4 competition (2/3) wing and has many others to play with.

Mark started instructing over eighteen years ago and has flown over fifty different types of Hang glider and Paraglider since learning to fly. Mark is an experienced and knowledgeable guide and instructor, covering all levels from novice to advanced pilot. The areas he has flown and guided groups is extensive; The French Alps (16 years), Lanzarote (13 years), Spain (12 years), Italy (5 years), Austria (3 years) Turkey, Morocco and of course the UK (28+ years).

Safety is paramount on any course or trip he conducts and his passion for flying and teaching others to improve their own airmanship and skill is second to none.  

Places are limited and are on a first come first served bases. Genuine enquires only please.

Many thanks for looking and I hope you can come.

If not, no worries and I will keep you in mind for future trips.

Always have safety foremost in the mind and analyse your flying and the conditions carefully.

  • Strive for good technique
  • Use the safest equipment
  • Give yourself achievable goals
  • Have fun! That’s what it’s about
  • Always pay for the beer (only joking ;-) .

Please note: This is an invite only trip and not normally open to anyone who has not received this personally.

Thank you.

Cheers Mark.

Chief Flying Instructor

Peak Airsports


 Tel: 0770 3062721    

 See you in Spain?




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