Paragliding & Hang Gliding in France 2017


France 2017 – (Not normally open to none Peak Airsports Students, sorry).

Peak Airsports is experienced in providing the best Paragliding and Hang gliding flying holidays around the Lake Annecy and Le Grand Bornand area and have done so since 1999.  After 15 years flying and guiding in the area, we have built up extensive knowledge and experience that is second to none, when running courses to ‘all pilots levels’, from beginners to advanced and we will ensure you receive;

  • A welcoming place to stay
  • Safe instruction and guiding
  • Daily weather and site information
  • Site transport to and from the flying sites is included

If this trip really appeals to you and you fancy a fantastic flying holiday in some of the best scenery (and air) there is, then please read on, but please remember this is a ‘invite only’ trip, so please talk to (CFI) Mark Bosher first and you will need to be a ‘Peak Airsports’ student or past student (or good mate:-) to go!


To be arranged 


£550 per person per week – inclusive of:

  • The best professional guiding in the business
  • Accommodation
  • Airport collection and all retrieves

£400 for none flying partners.

Extra costs to you are:

  • Flights

  • Food

  • Drink.

The Location

The main flying area is to the south of the town of Annecy and lake Annecy itself.

The whole trip is about staying safe, having the most fun and progressively improving pilot skills and learning good thermalling technique. The intention is to get the maximum amount of airtime possible and the most out of a flying week and your holiday.

Annecy offers flying opportunities unsurpassed in the summer time. Temperatures range from 20 to 25+ Celsius and with deep blue skies almost every day, it is a mecca for pilots the world over. The area has friendly local people, pilots and restaurants / bars right next to the take – off and landing areas! The night life is chilled and relaxed and the old town of Annecy is well worth a visit. You won’t be disappointed and the pictures say it all.

Take Off Locations

Montmin – Col de la Forclaz: 2750ft agl (Take Off Option 1)

The main site in Annecy is Montmin and is situated 2750ft above the lake with a large carpeted take off for Paragliders and a large wooden ramp for hang gliders. Once you’ve done a ramp take-off, you will like the idea that within a few steps you are airborne very quickly and have a large area to search for thermals and fly around. The main mountain range rises up to 7000ft agl and on a good day, cloud base can be very high (over 10.000ft)!  The area will fill the needs of any low air time pilot (or the most experienced). It can be thermic depending on the time of day you fly and with thermals that give you a chance to learn what’s going on ‘at your level’.

Montmin Take Off

Montmin Take Off

Montmin works all day from around 9am to 8pm. With nice smooth top to bottom flights in the morning, which is great for settling in if you haven’t flown for a while and you are looking to re-establish your confidence. It has amazing views all the way down to the very large landing field below.  The site starts working around 11am, as you take off in thermo-dynamic conditions. This means I can teach you to thermal or improve your technique before it gets too strong (around 1-3pm).  In the afternoon the valley winds can sometimes make the conditions strong to fly (unless you’re on a hang glider or have air time and thermal experience) We normally go swimming in the lake and just chill or you might have a chance to fly Tandem with me (at a reduced rate).  Tandem is ideal for learning advanced thermalling and flying techniques, if you wish? Conditions tend to settle down by early afternoon and flying becomes really mellow again. This is great for getting high and staying up for as long as you like, in the smooth evening lift, game on!

The Landing area in Doussard is huge and a downwind glide, as the valley wind is assisting you all the way in to landing. It even has its own beer and burger bar right next to the landing area! The landing field is used by hang gliders and paragliders (see diagram above and below) and it is massive! There are large fields if you undershoot or overshooting (just incase you do get it a little wrong).

Landing Field at Doussard

The take-off at Montmin is usually marked by other gliders going up in thermals, so there’s no problem staying up at the right time of the day. A good daily briefing is essential to keeping things manageable and safe (and a lot of fun). All my trips are ‘invite only’ and the reason for this is; you know me and I know what you are capable off (on a good or bad day:-)!

Planfait – (Take Off Option 2)

The Planfait Take off area is slightly smaller than Montmin, but still a good area to set up and fly from. This site works earlier in the morning than Montmin and is generally less busy.

It has a good landing field that is right below take-off (see diagram below). It has plenty of wind socks and is a nice grass field, with under and over shoot areas, if needed. With cafe’s and restaurants next to the landing field, it is a great place to eat and chill.

Planfait Take Off

Flights and Times 

Flying from Manchester to Geneva with Easyjet



  • 1 Cases
  • 20kg total combined weight.
  • You’re saving £22.00 by pre-booking compared to paying at the airport

Click to travel without luggage. Remember you can only take one item of hand baggage per passenger (measuring up to 56 x 45 x 25cm).

Sports equipment

  • 1 Paraglider(s)

Subtotal flights and options for all passengers:

2nd week:


  • 1 Cases
  • 20kg total combined weight.
  • You’re saving £24.00 by pre-booking compared to paying at the airport

Click to travel without luggage. Remember you can only take one item of hand baggage per passenger (measuring up to 56 x 45 x 25cm).

Sports equipment

  • 1 Paraglider(s)

We’ve added Sports Equipment to your itinerary.

Final Price


You are welcome to book from another Airport or Airline to Geneva (if you wish), but the flight times must match the times above or your welcome to make your own way to Annecy (or you could get car hire)?

Driving down and back:

Norfolk line ferries:

Airsports Insurance

Just incase and if something was to happen, you need this cover (the costs could be as much as £80.000 + for medical and repatriation). All Pilots do need ‘Airsports repatriation insurance’ while flying abroad (at extra cost). Please see the links below and please bring two copies of your policy with you, one for me and one for you to keep, thanks.

Please ‘add’ Hang gliding or Paragliding to your cover below (at extra cost). Expect to pay around £25 – £50 per week.   (I use this one :-) .

Car hire

You are most welcome to get car hire if you wish and this is available from Geneva Airport (expect to pay around £180 + for the week).

View details on car hire here.

We may also get a chance to see and fly the Chamonix area (if conditions allow). This is also a fantastic place to fly and well worth a visit if it’s flyable or not.

Other Activities – none flying day

  • Absailling
  • Canyoning
  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountaineering
  • Bird watching
  • Rafting
  • Sailing
  • Sight seeing
  • Bloke watching
  • Swimming
  • Via Ferrata
  • Wakeboarding
  • Waling
  • Water skiing

Lake Annecy & Annecy Town

The Lake itself is sourced by fresh mountain streams and by a deep spring at Annecy itself and this alone provides 30% of the water in the lake. The resulting fresh and clean water is home to many activities all year round. Tours of the lake and its surrounding villages are available from the central Annecy.

The local ferry stops at three of the most popular villages (Talloires, Menthon St Bernard and Veyrier). The boat leaves from Annecy three to five times a day in the summer (see

Lake Annecy

Annecy Old Town

Lake Annecy

The Accommodation (option 1)

Our Base is ‘Le Camping Ideal’ and is great for those who want a quite and chilled place to stay. I have used this site many times before and it was a great location. The idea of using ‘mobile homes’ is we can cook and do our own thing, if we wish. Normally a mobile home will have a maximum of 2 people in it (they can take 4 – 6 people). The units are clean, modern and well suited to the needs. If you intend to bring your partner (who does not fly) you are welcome to have a mobile home to yourselves and make it a great holiday location, up to you (at slightly more cost).


Annecy is a great flying location / holiday for students / flying friends (past and present) and the week will include all aspects of paragliding and hang gliding with the correct harness set up, good take-off and landing techniques and active flying. You can also practice big ears, speed bar and spiral dives (if you’re ready to spiral) and the right recovery action after a collapse, if needed / wanted for paraglider pilots.

Planning for your first XC flights can be covered and discussed for those ready for the task (and this is a great area to do your first XC ). On past trips most pilots completed personal bests in one form or another. Some had the longest flight time (4 hours +) and the highest flights they had ever made (10.000ft + ASL).

Getting the most out of the sites and conditions, while having the most fun is what it’s all about.� With Mark’s unmatched ability of finding the right site, on the right day and tailoring this to the individuals needs, he is second to none. If you like sun, a sandy lake shore with consistent flying conditions, Annecy is one of the best locations you will find anywhere in world.

If the weather is not suitable for flying on any given day, we have a great choice of places to visit and things to do. The resort of Chamonix is just an hour away and is the largest mountain area in the Alps and I can say from experience, you will be really impressed with the area.



To book please call or e – mail Mark to confirm your place. I do have great interest in this trip and would suggest you get your place booked sooner rather than later as places are limited.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your place. Full payment is needed two months before departure. You can send the booking form direct by clicking on the booking form to the right.

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