Paragliding Holidays 2019


Peak Airsports routinely run invite only for Peak Airsports’ students (past or present or good buddy’s of Mark) guided flying holidays to some of the best and most stunning hang gliding and paragliding locations in the world. Locations such as Annecy in the beautifully French Alps, the stunning valley of Castelluccio in Italy, the jewel of Oludeniz  in Turkey, as well as Spain and Mexico. These are meccas for free flight and will take your breath away on every flight you have.

Spain 2019 – Suggest using a  lap top / desk top to view the drop down menu on Spain information.


Imagine launching overlooking the stunning and turquoise lake of Lac Annecy, or soaring in the picturesque valley of Chamonix with the Mont Blanc glacier in the background or flying cross country over the wonderful area of Spain.

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