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Welcome to Peak Airsports!

Please note: COVID 19

New Students – good news!

From 11.06.20: Due to the current government guidelines that is now in place, we are now open to teach new (ab intio) students. However, there is a limit to the number of new students we can teach on a given day. If you wish to start training and be placed on the new student list, please get in contact.

Tel: 07926 298 560

Please read below.

Preparation for Training:

Before training, the student must be aware of the BHPA’s and Peak Airsports coronavirus “Overarching Principles”, including checking that the student does not have any symptoms, and they are not in the high-risk group.

Before any training can commence, the students must be aware that:

a) There are obligations on the student to follow the Government’s protection measures that are in place.

b) Students will be asked if they feel ill or have symptoms of COVID 19 at the beginning of any teaching session.

c) If a student who has taken part in training and subsequently falls ill in the following 14 days, he/she must immediately inform the school.

d) All teaching methods will be adapted to respect the 2m distancing advice.  However, there may be some situations when this could be broken, and in these instances the student and instructor will wear a disposable mask or suitable mouth and nose covering.

The students on any training day must come prepared with:

  • Hand sanitiser.
  • A well-fitting disposable mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose and does not inhibit vision.
  • A secure way of taking their own rubbish and disposable items away.
  • A stout pair of outdoor gloves that can be worn throughout practical training (in particular any handling of school equipment).
  • Long sleeved top and full-length trousers to be worn whilst wearing a school harness.
  • your own pen.

Thank you.

Tandem Paraglider flights:

Until the current situation with COVID 19 has improved, Flying Tandem have been suspended until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.   

We are now taking bookings for new Paraglider students (Day taster / Elementary and Club Pilot courses). 
The Day Taster is intended for people who may wish to go on to start on a course with us.
If you think you only want to do a single day  Paragliding and do not intend to go on to a course, with respect we suggest you look elsewhere.
Thank you. 

Please also note:

Due to Peak Airsports wishing to focus totally on teaching Paragliding in the school (and our Paragliding courses) we only offer Tandem Paragliding on a ‘pay and fly on the day’ bases.

 Please email or call us for new bookings for Paraglider Courses or Tandems flights.

 Sometimes if the weather is good, the best time to contact us might be in the evening (around 7 to 9pm) once Mark has finished training / the Flying day.

Please do not call or text after 9pm!

 Please note: If you are a third party company that organise ‘large group fun session / days’, We do not do this type of thing (and never will).  Please look elsewhere and do not waist my time, and yours. Thank you.

Please also read below for more details on prices and courses.  



 Minimum age for Tandems flights is 13 years of age

Minimum age for all Paragliding  ’solo’ courses is 18 years of age with us.

Maximum age for ‘Solo’ Paragliding tuition / Tandem Paragliding or EPC / CPC Paragliding)  courses with us is 65 years and fit to train / fly and under 90kg or 15 stone.


Under 18′s need to print off and return our Consent Form and ensure it is signed by the parent or guardian please (our minimum age for any tandem flight is 13 years of age and 18 years of age of our solo day taster Paragliding or EPC, CPC Paragliding courses. Any person under 18 years old for tandem flights must be accompanied by (with a consenting adult on the day).

Failer to return the consent before a course will mean the parent or guardian understands the associated risks involved and accepts them (once the minor starts the course or flight).

Click here:  Consent Form




Please ensure you have read the following information booklet for pre course enrolment

pre course information

Your Location?

We sometimes have requests from possible new students  who wish to learn / start Paragliding solo courses Paragliding, who live well outside ‘our’ geographical area (Derbyshire). We would kindly suggest that if you are over 50 miles away, due to travel time needed before you start your training day or arrive to meet for our tandem (and other similar reasons) we have decided not to start new Paragliding students (solo) who are well outside a 50 mile radius of the Peak District area. If in doubt please call us to clarify, thank you.

Paragliding Courses. 

If the Paragliding Day Taster is for someone who is more than 50 miles from us, may we suggest another provider due to the distance needed to travel on the day.   


 We take safety very seriously, so please ensure you have read our safety booklet

safety manual

Please ensure you have read the ‘safety manual’ and Pre – Course Information (at the bottom of this page).

BHPA – Tandem or Day Taster Insurance

The above BHPA Membership (daily third party liability cover) is already included if you are booking a taster day or tandem flight.

It is not included in the cost of EPC or CPC courses and can be obtained on your first day when starting your course (as part of the administration steps). See below

Third Party Insurance

If booking for any of our main ‘Elementary Pilot or Club Pilot paragliding courses’ you are required to join the BHPA Membership and pay for trainee membership for 3 months – (£91) or Annual (£151), in order to have the necessary ‘third party liability’ cover for public, farmer and land owner cover. This is done on the first day of your course.


For Day Taster Paragliding, you are welcome to pay on the day the training takes place.

Please call the office for more information: 07926 298 560



Paragliding – 1 Day Taster £150 Inc – BHPA

                                                   For those who wish to try Paragliding and then go on to our Courses.


Courses - Elementary Pilot Course (EPC) £550 + BHPA 

 Course - Club Pilot Course (CPC) £650 + BHPA

Tel: 07926 298 560

 Pre – Course Information  (click here).

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