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Please note:

Enrolment for new students has now ended (indefinitely). 

We have now FINISHED BOOKINGS for new Paraglider students (Day taster / Elementary and Club Pilot courses) and not taking any new students or Tandems bookings.

If you wish to learn to paraglide, we suggest you have a look at the BHPA – web site for your nearest school.

We are now FULLY BOOKED for new Paraglider students (Day taster / Elementary and Club Pilot courses).
Our age limits are 18 to 65 years and a weight limit of 90kg or 15 stone, thank you. 
Taster day Gift vouchers can book in, if the voucher is still valid (within the 12 months of date of purchase). 
No extensions can be given to vouchers outside the 12 month time limit.
The Day Taster is intended are for those people who may wish to go on to start on a course with us.
If you think you only want to do a single day in Paragliding and do not intend to go on to a course with respect, may we suggest you look elsewhere.
Thank you. 
Due to totally focusing on our Paragliding School (and our Paragliding courses) we no longer offer ‘Tandem paragliding flights’ from 10. 04. 2017 and from August 2016 we no longer offer ‘gift Vouchers’ for Tandem flights or Day Taster Paragliding
This does not affect valid Tandem gift vouchers that are within the 12 months from the date of purchase. Or if you have booked in diary dates already with us over the last few months or talked to Mark already. However if not, please do not email or call us for new bookings for Tandems flights as you will be told they have now stopped.

Students from ‘other Hill or Tow based’ (winch) Schools?

Been trained recently with another school and not happy with the lack of professionalism / commitment / attitude / conduct?
We do encounter this very sad fact and do have enquires from ‘other’ schools students wishing to switch to us. But due to circumstances ‘beyond our control’, Peak Airsports no longer conducts ‘Hill Conversion courses’ for Tow - Hang glider or Paraglider students or undertakes any further tuition for other Hill Schools students or past students, sorry.

This only affects other ‘Tow / Hill based schools’ and their students or past students.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your location / geographical area?

We sometimes have requests from possible new students who wish to learn / start Paragliding solo courses with us who are well outside ‘our’ geographical area (Derbyshire).

We would kindly suggest that if you are over 50 miles away, due to travel time needed before you start your day or travel to meet up (and other similar reasons) we have decided not to take on new Paragliding students (solo) who are outside the 50 mile radius of the Peak District area. If in doubt please call us to clarify, thank you.

Mark Bosher (CFI)

Other Companies please note: If you are a ‘group on company’ or someone who organise ‘group adventure activities’ as a third party, please do not email or contact us for bookings or discounts. We only deal with the general public and will not  / do not conduct such flights or days. Peak Airsports is a Flying School that teaches people to fly and who may wish to continue in to the sport after a days trial lesson.
Taster Days  are for one or two people and are not intended for groups or Hen / Stagg parties or similar and we do not deal with third party companies or their tourists. Thank you.

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