Dec 102018

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Paragliding EPC students:  

  • Amanda Kenny, Freddie Dennineton, Chantal Blake, Dominic Basson, Dean Cuthbert, Owen Goodwin, David Wilson, Kate Smith, John Jones, Oliver Ashby, Simon Adderley, Mick Summer, Dave Watts, Tom Milner, Paul Watson, Steve Brightmore, Andrew Smedley, Richard Farnsworth, Stephen Smith, Gary Senior, Emma Tattershall, Laurie McNabb, Richard Drury and Rosie, all smiles and……

    • Brendan Mackrill, Julian Mamo, Sharon Appleby, Stephanie Yeomans, Rosie Keegan, Jakob Bumke, Liam Griffith, Graham Cardwell, Martin Laville, Fergus Wison, Melanie Hill, Alison Watson, Peter Lavery, Gareth Owen, Stuart Carter, Chris Smith, Geoffery Taverner, Nuala Godfrey, Kate Humpherys, James Newton, Richard Robson, Andrew Senior, Karen Senior, Phil Robinson, Ben Stevens, Ian Jacks, Colleen Warne, Doughlas Galloway, Tom Leach, Nick Brennan, Tim Ogden, Luciano Di Carlo, David Thomas, Graham Prettyman, Jon Gibson and Gillian Oldroyd, Aiden Smith, Tim Fawkes, Graham Staniforth, Bob Watson, Shane Orange, Joanne Cannon, Owen Chamberlin, Simon Athey, Ben Tibbits, Howard Bourks, Jonathan Jones, John froggatt, Nev Fox, Richard Laybourn, Hans Herlemann, Martin Whelan, Philip Haddock, Paul Watchorn, Peter Brown, Fraser Burns, David Tune, Duncan Brown, Sreenath Namelil, James Denley, Martin Summers, Shea Shin NG, Richard Carlton, John Collett, Wayne Smith, Caz Smith, Chris Hulme, Dale Evans, Grant Brown, Alex Wady, Brett Harker, Lily Tiffen, Kellie Burnell, Chantelle Robinson,  John Barnes, Ludmila Kocukova, Oleg Kocukovs.
Total: 101 students and counting!

Well done everyone, a fantastic result and stay with it, you’ve done the hard part! CPC here we come:-).


Karen getting ready for her 2nd high flight:-).


Well done Andy and Karen on completing the EPC. CPC here you come!

Well done guy’s, that’s the hard part over, let’s go fly!

CPC – Paragliding students:

    • Chris Sangwin, Tom Milor, Paul Watson, Mike Mouliai, Steve Brightmore, Richard Farsworth, Gary Senior, Emma Tattershall, Richard Drury, Brendan Mackrill, Mark Savage, Rosie Keegan, Jakob Bumke, Liam Griffith, Chantal Blake, Dominic Basson, Thomas Denial, Kate Smith, John Jones, Martin Lavelle, Chris Smith, Scott Thornhill, Dean Cuthbert, Nuala Godfrey and Owen Goodwin.
    • Also…. Kate Humphreys, James Newton, Ben Stevens, Richard Carlton, Mick Sumner, Luciano Di Carlo, Nick Brennan, Tom Leach, Jon Gibson, Phil Robinson, Gabriel Marsh, Paul Peppard, Aiden Smith, Paul Rushforth, Mark Herbert, Ian Stanyer, Douglas Galloway, Dave Thomas, Graham Prettyman, Tim Swait, Tim Fawkes, Tim Ogden, Bob Watson, Shane Orange, Owen Chamberlin, Neil Dibblee, Wayne Smith, Shea Shin, John Collett, Martin Whelan, Richard Laybourn, Howard Bourke, John Froggatt, Neville Fox, Ian Smith, Peter Brown, James Denley, Chris Hulme, Richard Carlton, Martin Summers, David Tune and Pilip Haddock.
    • Well done to you all!!:-).

Total:  72 CPC’s so far (and counting), again well done and see you on the hill:-).


Magic flight

John – one of our students getting the best view ever!


 Top mark guy’s and girls! I look forwards to being in the air with you soon and remember, getting qualified is just the start. Try one of my trips to Annecy / Spain or Italy and realize a dream (what flying is really about)!

For those just starting with Peak Airsports, Thank you for choosing my school and welcome. Peak Airsports and it’s instructors value students as  ‘real people’ and potential Pilots, always:-).

I am proud to say I have had the privilege to teaching you all to fly, thank you. For those not quite finished, all that comes to those who wait for the right time and weather.

CFI – Mark Bosher.

Food for thought?

How many ‘other schools’ do you see a current list of students who have past their EPC or CPC qualifications?

Peak Airsports, Taking you to a higher level, be inspired!

A BHPA registered school

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