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AirDesign (AD) and the Rise of the Rise!

Mark Bosher, Peak Airsports owner and Chief Flying Instructor, is please to become  ‘The Premier UK Dealer of AirDesign’. This adds to a top list of Paraglider names to add to Peak Airsports equipment suppliers and manufacturers.  The AirDesign’s ‘Rise’ was flight tested in Peak Airsports base, The Peak District National Park and Mark Bosher (CFI) was blown away (not literally) by the performance of this ‘high end’ EN ‘B’ glider!

It is simply a stunning wing and so nice to fly.

Mark’s Comments on the glider:

The weather in the UK finally got better over the weekend and the school was really busy. Yesterday (Monday) was a great days flying and I had two hours flying the AD-Rise, in good ridge lift and light thermals. There were about 25 Paragliders flying on the day (a quite day for the area). A lot of the pilots flew close to me to see what the ‘new glider’ on the hill was:-). A good time to give my first impressions of the Rise.  Also out on the day was one of my ‘ex-students’ with 35 hours airtime. He has only ever flown DHV 1 (or A) glider (since qualifying with Peak Airsports). He is a confidant and skillful pilot (for his hours) and is probably the ideal pilot for any feedback also.


0 = Not good

5 = Top marks / amongst the best:

Quality of stitching / sale area and workmanship = (5/5)

Top notch and as good as anything else out there, the attention to detail that’s second to none. On the ground the glider looks long, sleek and very sexy!

Ground handling = (5/5)

Easy, with no problems at all, the glider came up and settled overhead with just a ‘light hip movement’ to launch it (without using any A’s) and with no ‘overshoot’ tendencies at all.

In the Air = (5/5)

Again, top marks and very nice indeed.

I did have ‘my student’ head on, while I flew and was at home with the glider straight away. With no roll or pitch oscillations at all and easy to weight shift with light, but progressive pressure on the brakes. Brake length is very nice too (not too long) for a B glider and the glider accelerated very nicely, once the brakes are fully up. The big ear lines were easy to find and the ears came in easily and the glider had no tendency to oscillate or pitch with the ears in. As expected, just a light pump on the brake takes the ears out straight away and again this felt good. The ‘hands up and pull down hard ‘A – symmetric (do not try this, unless you understand what you are doing) was uneventful and came out after 45 degrees of turn, again uneventful and reassuring for the level of pilot intended for the wing. Wing-overs were easy and balanced and even when deliberately doing messy ones, the wing still made them look OK!

General flying = (5/5)

I had to soar from the lower part of the ridge to the higher part and this took some ‘close in’ flying to get to the main group of pilots. It was easy for me to get to the others and the sink rate and speed was the best I’ve know on a B glider so far. The controls are so precise and the glider moves so nicely to little inputs, this gives you confidence in the wing very quickly. With good ridge lift I was soon up amongst the other gliders. This ranged from A to D gliders, including a Mentor 2 and an Ozone M4. Overall the only glider that could match me was the M4 as I made the most of the light thermals gently coming up the slope. Some of this is due to my 2500hrs and 20 years of flying, but a load was due to the glider also. I did know the M4 pilot and know he is lightly loaded on the M4 and this was the only reason he could just get the edge on me in the climbs, but by only a very very small margin.

Speed bar:

Half speed bar is very progressive and light and felt again ‘top notch’ with a good speed increase felt straight away. Full bar felt good and the fastest I’ve flown on a B glider. The bar pressure was higher, as expected but not hard to keep on full and very workable. Over all I was top of the stack on this glider more times than not and I’ve no doubt the glider did get noticed by everyone in the air (and on the ground) and this is just what I wanted:-). I had a great time passing my hand through the snow, while soaring along the slope and landing next to people for a chat (with the wing sat above my head and not moving at all). My best flight in the UK so far this year!:-).

My ex – student = (5/5)

Chris was amazed by the Rise! It was his first time he’d ever flown anything other than his Advance Alpha (A) glider. Like most who make the move to the next level, he felt he needed more time to really get the best out of the glider and said it felt like he was flying a ‘quality machine’ and very much a ‘high end / top end’ B glider. The smile on his face said it all really and he asked could have another flight please!

Up date:

Chris went on to purchase a new Rise from ’Peak Airsports’ after receiving great service and backup and has already done his first XC flights on the Rise! He tells me he loves it even more now! Another satisfied ‘post – CPC student’ and valued customer of Peak Airsports, thanks Chris:-).


Well done to the AirDesign team! You have produced one of the highest performing B rated paragliders on the market today and any pilot ready to fly a ‘top end B’ will not be disappointed with this glider. It fills / ticks all the boxes and handles as sweet as can be.

For the targeted market, a pilot moving up from an ‘A’ glider or low end ‘B’ or a pilot moving down (from a C or D even) wanting a more relaxed glider, the Rise should be at the top of there list for gliders to try (from Peak Airsports;-). The Rise is not a glider for the ‘new pilot’ as AirDesign rightly (and clearly) state and I would agree. It is quite simply the ‘Top of it’s class’ glider, bar none! Even I had a smile on my face (while writing this) and that must tell you something about how I felt flying the Rise too:-).

If your in the market for a ‘bench mark’ / top performance DHV 1/2 - B glider, give Mark a call: 07703062721 and get a test flight (and see what all the hype is about for yourself)!

Mark Bosher

Chief Flying Instructor

Peak Airsports – 30 years in the business

Premier Northern Dealer for Airdesign

Tel: 07703062721

Office: 01433651851

Web: www.peakairsports.com

Email: info@peakairsports.com

Be inspired!


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