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Please note:

Enrolment for new students has now ended (indefinitely).

We are now FULLY BOOKED for new Paraglider students (Day taster / Elementary and Club Pilot courses) and not taking any new students or Tandems bookings.

If you wish to learn to paraglide, we suggest you have a look at the BHPA – web site for your nearest school.

If your thinking of learning to fly / try Paragliding? Please take a few minutes to read this page (it will be worth your time). 

Peak Airsports

Is a  British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association  (BHPAregistered school (number 337) and one of the oldest and most established paragliding  schools in the UK (over 30 years). We operate 7 days a week (weather permitting) and we strive to give the best possible service and value for money, whether learning to fly or when flying tandem with us. We are committed to teaching paragliding to the highest levels possible (and Peak Airsports is second to none). Consequently, we operate low student / Instructor ratios (sometimes 1 to 1). This means no ‘large production lines’ of students waiting for equipment and your turn to fly. We have also invested in some of the best and the most ‘up to date’ flying equipment and wings in the business. As a student, you should expect nothing less!

Is Peak Airsports the same as other local Schools? The facts (without any bull) is clear - No we are not!

Above and beyond the rest, is what (CFI) Mark Bosher says.  

Please read below for more info on this.

  Your Expert Senior Instructor

Mark Bosher

mark bosher paragliding + hang gliding instructor

Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) of Peak Airsports, Mark Bosher is one of the most experienced and qualified Instructors in the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) and sport aviation in the UK. He is a Senior Hang gliding and Paragliding Instructor (hill & tow) and fully Licensed Tandem Instructor / Pilot with the BHPA. He is also a FLPA (Foot launched Powered Aircraft) Senior Power Instructor on Hang gliders and an experienced pilot on Para-motors.

mark bosher paragliding + hang gliding instructor

Marks childhood dream was flying like a bird.  His passion for the sky started with parachuting in the late 80′s, before pursuing a flying career in 1992. He has flown light aircraft, Helicopters and sailplanes / gliders for five years, before settling on his true passion; Paragliding and Hang gliding. He has accumulated over three and a half thousand flying hours and over twenty five years of skill, knowledge and experience, in both flying and teaching people to fly. This includes the local geography and meteorology (weather) and is one of the most experienced and active pilots in the Peak District National Park. Mark is also active with the local areas club’s.


Peak Airsports is located in the very heart of ‘The Peak District National Park’ in Derbyshire.  The school (and the training sites) is within easy reach of Manchester, Stoke, Rotherham, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham and Derby, to name a few. 

We also have a Shop / Simulator / Lecture / Classroom base in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak Districted (see below).




The Peak District has some of the best and most beautiful paragliding area’s in the UK. Most flying sites are minutes away from the Peak Park. The area is a great holiday location, with its natural beauty and multitude of activities (in addition to paragliding). With climbing, mountain biking, hill walking and large under ground caverns to explore! This makes the Peak District Park a great place to play and fly (and the area has great road and train links too)!

Peak Airsports has one of the best reputations in the business and sales pay a big part in the school. We offer the best kit, at the best prices possible and believe great backup / after sales service should be normal, not the exception.  If you are considering buying your equipment (second hand or new) we would suggest you talk to us first to get the best advice / deal and service. We have a large range of kit to choose from and from the best manufactures in the business.

Why Choose Peak Airsports?

      • Experience: Train / fly with Mark Bosher himself - One of the most experienced and  qualified Senior Instructors in Hang gliding, Paragliding (and Tandem flying) in the UK. We do not have any trainee instructors, so you get the best in the business from day one!
      • Location – Based in the heart of ‘The Peak District National Park’ and a professional operation that offers  Paragliding flights from the Peak District hills, as well as ‘hill based’ training. Get ‘hours of airtime’ when learning, not minutes with other hill schools or a winch school?!   

Soaring until Sunset (all pictures are our students)!

Mark will sometimes be out until the Sun sets on flyable days!


  •  Winch / Tow / Hill  – Schools V’s Peak Airsports???

Know the facts from a BHPA Senior Tow / Hill Instructor: Mark Bosher, himself!

    • Some winch schools claim that ‘the hill’ is not the best way to learn to fly, why??? 10+ proper flights or more are possible on your first day (if you’re reasonably fit)? That’s much more than you’ll get on your first day at other schools. Also, if your intention is to fly / soar the hills as most want to do when Paragliding, a flat field and a winch isn’t the right tool for the job?
    • Students who have only ever learned to be ‘winched’ in to the air, tend to be out of their ‘comfort zone’ when flying the hills (once they get to start the hill conversion course)? The reason for this is the hills are not their ‘normal training / flying environment’.
    • You will also pay extra to do this ’add on’ course too!
    • Also, ask the tow school if this course is run everyday it’s flyable (no available ‘hill instructor’, no hill training)!??
    • So you may have to wait months (or even years) to get your Paragliding hill flying sorted from a tow based school?
    • Remove the cost, hassle, time and effort and start to learn to fly the hills with Peak Airsports from day one. You’ll have more airtime / flights and experience (and your skill level will be higher too) when learning to fly the hills, than a CP ‘tow’ student.
    •  Just make sure you pick the right Hill School first (we are not all the same)! 
    • Peak Airsports students get hours of flying while learning with us, not minutes like other local schools.
    • Our aim is to produce good safe pilots always.      


  • Accreditation – Peak Airsports is a BHPA (British Hang Gliding & Paragliding) accredited and chosen by the BBC and Channel 4.
      • Group Size – small student groups and student to instructor ratio.
      • Flexibility - flexible paragliding training times ‘set around you’. We operate 7 days a week (weather permitting) and regard ourselves as a true ‘full time school’. Some schools claim this (and clearly they are not)!  Ask ‘other schools’ if they have a day off in the week?!?
      • Progression - safe, but progressive instruction. It is not uncommon to achieve 10+ flights on your first day! All CPC Peak Airsports Students get several hours airtime while being trained (not minutes in the air)!   
      • Our Equipment: Up to date and high quality paragliding equipment and the same sort of equipment that you may go on to purchase from us.
      • Value - value for money and much cheaper in the long run (you don’t always get what you pay for:-(. Also, the cheapest is seldom the best way to learn (in the long run too)!
      • Priorities - focused on quality training and the student, NOT turnover. We believe it is wise to learn that students are ‘top priority’ and not the bottom line!
      • Media Analysis – video and digital photo analysis to help you progress and learn. Check out our up to date Facebook page below this page and see what we’ve been doing over the last few days. Yes, this does take us time to upload, but we think it is worth very effort and shows we care (and it’s good for the students progression).
      • Schools without a FB page in my book, are behind the times!     
      • Communication - direct radio contact with the instructor during your training and after.
      • After care service that is second to none - Once you have completed your final course, (Club pilot novice) and to help improve your on going skills and experience, you will be given the opportunity to come out and continue to fly with Mark (if you wish)?

    As a valued client / student of Peak Airsports you have priority (invite only) on any flying trips that may be taking place in the near future with us.

 Important information:

Peak Airsports is inspected and monitored by The British Hang gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) for the safety and quality of the training we offer (and the equipment we use). However, PLEASE REMEMBER, not all the schools in the UK are ‘BHPA registered’ (PLEASE CHECK)!?

Also not all schools (or their instructors / trainee instructors) are the same as ‘Peak Airsports’ (like driving schools). Take time choosing a school when you want to learn to fly, it will be worth every effort and will save you a lot of time, money (and hassle) in the long run. Would you trust someone who has no formal, recognised qualification to train you???

Peak Airsports ‘sometimes’ enrols students who started training with ‘other schools’ and decided to try Peak Airsports (due to an ‘unprofessional service’ or lack of commitment and time taken to training them)!?  More often than not, these students say; ”I wish I’d come to Peak Airsports first”!

For Peak Airsports, but more importantly (the new student) the limited / lack off knowledge, experience, ability and skill, they show us IS ALL TOO APPARENT:-(!

Now please note: From 14.7.2014 – we are sorry to say, due to the high demand for our own Day Tasters and new student course starters in Paragliding, we are no longer taking ‘other’ Tow or Hill schools students or ex – students, for the reasons above (and some).

Now it really does pay to come to Peak Airsports first and give yourself the best chance of achieving your flying dreams!  

Make Peak Airsports your ‘first choice’ and be inspired!

Wise words from Mark: We all have a choice (and I like choices) but it is only later, once at the end of something, we can quantify ‘what that choice meant to us’.

Mark Bosher (CFI)

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